10 Types of Content to Drive Traffic and Increase Engagement

Many people face the challenge of identifying ways to boost traffic and enhance engagement in their websites. To most of them, creating new ideas and identifying new ways of communicating is a big challenge.

Any content used in marketing should entertain, educate, inspire, and convert the audience.

Although content is king when it comes to marketing, there are some kinds of content that are more effective than others are. Below are 10 types of content, that when used effectively will have a positive impact on traffic and engagement.

1. Lists

Lists can help in driving traffic and increasing engagement. Top 10 lists are said to be the most effective. About 30 percent of all blogs use lists. Most people like them because they are easy to read and comprehend. Upon listing an item, it is advisable to provide a brief explanation. The right use of the keyword is critical in enhancing the effectiveness of this kind of content. 

Make sure the lists address the needs of your audience. It is also advisable to make them skimmable as most people don’t like spending their time trying to figure out what you are saying.

2. Original Reports

Although you may have a product that gives desirable results, buyers may not trust you because it has not been tried. Original reports involve the use of primary data. Despite the high cost associated with this kind of content, most people trust this kind of information. In addition, it becomes challenging for your competitors to use your content.


3. Interviews

Interviews are effective in enhancing traffic and engagement because they provide readers with validated facts. Learners like listening to stories of people who have been through the process before. To get the best from this kind of content, the interviewee should be from that industry. Identifying a person of great character in a given sector is crucial in enhancing the effectiveness of this kind of content. During the interview, repetition is also discouraged.

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4. Video

The popularity of videos in content marketing has increased tremendously in recent times. Give that they are easy to share, they have a high likelihood of going viral. A combination of moving pictures, audio, and writing makes videos easy to digest. Videos can be used to foster trust and give buyers more confidence.  Statistics show that the number of video audience keeps soaring every year due to the rising popularity of smartphones.

If you trying to sell a product or a service your best bet is to use short explainer videos to possibly answer all the questions a potential customer might have about the use of your product. 

Explainer below is created to promote the project Novyie Liki created to educate youth about ancient history through flashmob activity.

5. Infographics

Various studies have proved that most people are visual learners. In one study, for instance, participants remembered 10-20 percent of written or verbal messages and 65 percent of visual messages on the third day. Most readers like infographics because they have fewer texts. They convey messages by integrating messages in drawings, graphs, and charts. It, therefore, means that infographics are not only enjoyable to look at but also easy to remember. Moreover, they are shared frequently.  It is advisable to develop infographics that are easy to share.

6. Reviews

In this era of Internet marketing, many people are interested in knowing about a given product in advance. Before any online purchase, most buyers go through reviews to establish the experience of other people with the products. Giving reviews about your products is not enough. You should go ahead and provide a page where your clients can post their views.

7. User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC involves the use of content developed by users. It involves the use of videos, pictures, and blogs among others. This type of content puts the customers in front hence the best for customer-oriented businesses. Given that most people prefer a recommendation to a marketing messages, UGC  provides customers with just that. It lets them share their experience with the other people. This further enhances the effectiveness of this kind of content. 

Coca-Cola successfully used this strategy with its ‘share a Coke with’ campaign and boosted not only its sales but also the relationship with its customers. This advertising campaign is also a perfect example of viral marketing which you can read about on here:

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8. How-to Guides

Most people in need of educational contents search for how-to articles. They like this kind of content because it gives a step-by-step guide on how to address a given issue. Visuals may be used to enhance its effectiveness. Writing an original article is highly recommended when using how-to contents. You should introduce the problem and discuss the solution.

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9. Memes

This type of content involves the use of entertaining pictures and humorous captions. They provide an easy way of introducing a brand in the market. It is advisable to use memes when reaching to your social media audience on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr among others. You should not overuse them given that they can devalue the message.

This dating app took the ‘quality content’ to another level:

10. Case Study

A case study provides an explanation about a product and some of the benefits of consuming it. Creation of this kind of content involves discussing the challenge experienced by the client and how the product can be used to address it. You should make sure the explanation is clear. Ensure you include a call to action at the end.


If you have been struggling to develop content to drive traffic and increase engagement; try using some of these types contents and see how your audience responds. These methods have been tried before and you should not be afraid to try them either.

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