5 Reasons to Start Using Telegram as Your New Marketing Tool

Digital communication field does no stand still, with so many social media platforms and different messengers it is important for any businesses to stay ahead of the game while keeping in touch with the customers. 

One of the ways to do that is following communication trends of your target customer group. You must’ve heard about the messaging app Telegram at least once over the last couple of years. According to Google Trends searches average of the keyword ‘telegram’ over time only keeps rising, which begs the question: is there more to Telegram then just a messaging service?

Google Trends data

And the answer is ‘yes, there is’. Over the past two years Telegram has greatly expanded its functionality which helped them raise their audience figures to 200 million monthly users.

active monthly users

Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov doesn’t see Telegram as an organisation or an app. Instead he sees it as a tool for people to exercise their right to freedom. 

Here’s how people behind Telegram define their own app:

Above all, we at Telegram believe in people. We believe that humans are inherently intelligent and benevolent beings that deserve to be trusted; trusted with freedom to share their thoughts, freedom to communicate privately, freedom to create tools. This philosophy defines everything we do.


Telegram contest announcement poster

Evidently this post is not going to be just about people’s freedom to communicate privately, although there is a lot to address. In fact Telegrams’s team is so confident about the security of their Secret Chat service they’ve announced a $300,000 contest to crack service’s encryption. 

Back to the point I made earlier, being the app (with desktop versions for all platforms) that combines functionality of the messenger and social media platform Telegram can surely become your new marketing tool to appeal to your potential customers. 

…so why Telegram?

1.It’s secure

As the primary purpose of the service is connecting people the app uses double layered encryption to protect these connections. This ensures all your conversations and personal information won’t be shared with third-party outlets. And considering recent Facebook privacy scandal it is safe to say that privacy is the thing that’s valued greatly by casual users as well as professional entities.

How can my company use it securely?

First, Telegram has a great feature that allows you to create Groups and Supergroups that are perfect for small companies to collectively communicate at speed; plus you get to appoint administrators and control each member’s admin permissions depending on their authority within the company. 

Find out more about groups here
For highly-secure messaging make sure to use a Secret Chat messaging that uses end-to-end encryption for untraceable dialogue. This feature also allows user to enable Self-destruct timers for messages and images that can be set to disappear after a certain period of time (up to a minute) which is great for sharing sensitive information that should not be shared outside your company.



How can I connect with my customers securely?

As a user you can also set up a username which will provide you with a personal t.me/ link that you can share to your customers. That way they’ll be able to contact you without knowing your number. As an example this feature might be great for customer service or providing assistance.

2. It’s a great blog alternative

Anyone can agree that keeping a blog is a crucial tool in content marketing that helps add value to what you’re offering; just like anyone can agree keeping a blog can be a troublesome process for those who don’t know the basics of html or can’t navigate their way through a dashboard. 

Telegram Channels

Fortunately, Telegram has a perfect alternative to a physical blog – Telegram channels. The name of this feature speaks for itself, it’s a channel that distributes your messages and posts to all users that have joined your channel. What is really cool about the channels is that they are located in the same window as chats therefore users get notified of your updates the same way they would get notified of their new messages, which also increases the likeliness that more users will see your posts/updates. 

Create polls, pin posts, keep the count of users that see you messages to optimize content, enclose any type of document, all that and more you can do with your own channel on Telegram.

Newsletter is outdated:

If your business already has a blog you can integrate existing posts/articles with 0 loading time into your Telegram channel using an ‘Instant View’ tool. That way channels can replace the functionality of newsletter by notifying and letting users open the page literally in two clicks.

3. Telegram bots

There’s so much that can be said about Telegram bots but the only important thing worth mentioning is that chatbots can be created to carry out any function to improve the service of your company. The only possible limit to creating bots is your own creativity and coding abilities. 

For instance this bot allows Russian-based hookah lounge customers find the nearest lounge locations, book a table or even leave feedback on the service they received when visited. These and other core processes of your business can be automated by allowing the bot handle a number of ‘If this then that’ tasks for you.

The recent update on the app has allowed you to create invoices and accept payments from users through bots. This can be great for businesses offering products or pre-paid service bookings. The service supports a great list of payment providers including Apple and Android Pay.


source: telegram.org

4.High-storage file sharing

Telegram is a cloud-based service, that way the app enables its users to share files of any format with a size up to 1.5 GB. Moreover, the app has a built-in media player for an elevated user experience. 

5. Tons of other features

The app has so many awesome features, some of which can be successfully encorporated in your marketing strategy: 

For more information head over to telegram.org to check out their latest features and tool updates.

Bottom line…

As I have mentioned most of the features on Telegram are only limited to your own creativity and coding skills. It remains to be seen whether the app with such a wide range of functionality can succeed as a full-on marketing tool worldwide, though it sure has a potential to with its appeal to specific user demographics.

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