The 10 Most Expensive Keywords in Yandex.Direct 2017

If you’re considering using a PPC model of advertising to market your business on Yandex this post is just for you!

Have you ever wondered if certain keywords are more expensive than the others? 

Well if you have, here are the top 10 most expensive keywords in Yandex.Direct advertising. Use this infographic as a guide when planning your budget for online advertising on Yandex Advertising Network. 

The keywords were thematically grouped and the cost-per-click numbers shown are median. The data was gathered by analysing 2 941 217 clicks grouped by 23 themes from 385 cities in Russia.

Scroll down to get the printable (PDF) version.

Credits: the data used to create this infographic was not gathered by me, I simply visualized it. If you would like to see more data related to keywords’ CPC please head over to Netpeak Blog’s post to find out which regions in Russia pay the most for keywords and the highest costing keywords in Google Adwords. 
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