Viral Marketing For Small Businesses

In today’s digital society, going viral is a dream. The digital platform has made it possible for fame and fortune to be just a click away. The viral dream is seemingly endless from the first response when posts. However, the shortcoming that comes with this opportunity is that it does not seem to leave a long-lasting impression. Viral marketing refers to the goal of many business looking to create an awareness about their products on social media. It is a piece of content generated by businesses to prompt consumers to share with in their circles and create a sense of purchase by building instant recognition by social media users- however, this is easier said than done.

What is Viral Marketing?

For starters, it is good to understand what viral marketing is all about. In simple terms, it is the spread of information such as images, videos, posts on various social media platforms. Marketers capitalize on sharing, reactions, word-of-mouth and other tactics to put their brand relevant in the market scene. As such, content that makes people to want to share has the ability to go viral.

What you need for viral marketing:

  • Easy to share content: focus on campaigns that easy to set up so that the users can view and share on various channels with ease.
  • Focused content: refrain from making the campaign confusing or cluttered. People on social media are too lazy to try to figure out a complex post. Keep it simple and focused on what you are trying to sell.
  • Attract attention:  with so many social media content out there, don’t you think it is wise to try and stand out? Nobody wants to view, like or even share boring stuff. Find out what your audience likes and look for ways to make your posts fun and engaging.
  • Have mass potential: With all the opportunities on various social media platforms, you cannot afford to target small audience. Think mass and with, simple good, creative content, you will definitely reach the masses.

Successful Small Business Viral Marketing Campaigns

In the market scene, well-known companies and brands have done well when it comes to taking advantage of social media for viral marketing. But there are some great tips for smaller businesses when it comes to viral marketing. 

Take, for example, the use of hashtags is a simple way in which a small business can exploit viral marketing. Using short but creative videos it is possible to take the internet by storm by showing reliability as well as capability in an innovative way.

Take, for example, the use of hashtags is a simple way in which a small business can exploit viral marketing. Using short but creative videos it is possible to take the internet by storm by showing reliability as well as capability in an innovative way.

Can It Work For Small Businesses And Is It Guaranteed?

The answer to whether viral marketing is a guarantee is, No. 

But there are some very successful cases like a video with a #saltbae that brought a Steak House in Turkey tons of popularity.

Cases like this are rare because viral marketing relies on the ability to excite social media users. As such, one cannot promise that a campaign will go viral- except for those who can see the future. 

source: Instagram

For The question as to whether viral campaigns can work for small businesses like it does with big companies, the answer is, absolutely!  With the right choice of wording, character, graphics, a campaign can go viral despite coming from a small business. This is to say that the best part about viral marketing is that capital is a non-issue as long as you can provide social media users with content they want to engage. 
As a result of going viral, ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ campaign by ALS Association helped raise money for those touched by ALS.

British singer - Rita Ora doing the 'Ice Bucket Challenge. Source: Broadimage/REX

How to Go Viral

Who doesn’t want to see a million people happy about their content? Viral marketing has the ability to reach thousands and thousands of people in just a week. In order to go viral, have in mind it is not just about you. 

So, who is it all about?… 

Let me answer that for you- it is about the target market and provoking users’ emotions. With viral marketing, knowing one’s audience will enable a small business provide content that is suitable for their views.  Also, target a market with posts that consider, what they feel because nothing lukewarm goes viral. As I said earlier, 

most users on the internet are there for fun, capitalize on that. 

Once you have established the above steps, now get to work. The real work involves replying to comments and keeping the users engaged.

The Bottom Line

Rather than being excited by the viral dream, small businesses should work towards creating shareable content that will put their brand on a competitive edge. As we have seen, sharable content is one that focusses on people, combines emotion and has purpose. Please do not ride on has tags simply because you can. The game still requires quality over quantity especially on a platform where instant gratification is normal. The above principles may seem tedious for crafting viral content, but it is the only way that small businesses can take advantage of the tool. However, viral marketing is like a stab in dark, it may not work on everyone. So, there is no need to get emotional about content that did not generate leads. Every day in viral marketing is unique, exploit your creativity!

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